SmartUp Cities : Smart Waste Management System. Smart City Platform.
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Smart City Technology for Intelligent Optimisations
SmartUp Cities - Smart Waste Containers Management

Discover our intelligent bin level sensors for smart cities, waste collecting companies and building managers to dramatically cut costs & reduce environmental impact.

Reduce Operational Costs

Our route optimisation solution provides endless benefits and superior business value that will bring significant cost reductions on your collection routes and waste transport.


Our intelligent route optimisation process will enable a significant reduction in fuel, wages and maintenance costs.

Smart City Platform

Our Smart City Platform provides comprehensive waste data enabling cities and businesses take better, data-driven decisions to reduce operating expenses, divert waste from landfills, minimise CO2 emissions, track key-metrics and adopt long-term sustainable practices.


Through our Smart City Platform city leaders can have access to area-specific analytics enabling them to focus efforts in the most efficient and effective way.

Customised waste management solutions for Smart Cities , Retailers and Building Managers