For Cities

City councils and urban waste collecting companies use Smartup Cities revolutionary waste solutions to monitor city wide waste containers to save up to 50% of costs by reducing operating hours, trucks maintenance, road wear and CO2 emissions.

For Businesses

Retailers, restaurants, office buildings, hotels and commercial centers use Smartup Cities waste monitoring solutions to harness the full value of their sorted recyclables, better understand and optimise their waste streams, issue accurate environmental reporting and many more.


Discover our Smart Waste Management System that Reduce Costs and Increase Revenues

Ultrasonic Fill-level Sensors for Containers

Innovative devices equipped with wireless ultrasonic sensors for efficiently monitoring containers, regardless of their location, type and material.

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Smart Waste Logistics , Planning & Optimisation

Combining the power of Google Maps APIs and data from the wireless bin fill-level sensors to enable the most efficient smart waste collection.

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Predictive Waste Management Analytics

Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning algorithms to deliver powerful and actionable insights that reduce costs and increase revenues.

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Smart City Waste Management Platform

All the power of Smartup Cities Waste Management solutions and container monitoring sensors under one Smart City Platform, available on Web and Mobile.

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How it works

A small device equipped with fill-level sensor and proprietary technologies is mounted inside the containers, continuously monitoring the waste level at scheduled times, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. For 10+ years.

The readings are sent wirelessly to our proprietary waste management platform for further analyse.

A user friendly waste management and analytics platform is analyzing the data received from all the sensors using proprietary algorithms and artificial intelligence systems.

Actionable insights like optimised collection routes for maximum efficiency, historical data and predictive analytics are just a few of the many features our smart city platform offers.

All essential platform features are available as well for mobile-native Apps running on Android and iOS.

Truck drivers can use the mobile apps to scan, confirm and report on any event. Automatic billing for on-demand waste collection.

Smart City App available for a better citizen engagement and increased liveability.

Cut up to 50% of Waste Collection Costs with our Smart Waste Management System


Increase efficiency and reduce costs by 50%

Reach maximised efficiency in waste logistics from day one and see great savings on fuel costs, vehicle wear and significant reduction on working hours and labour costs.


User-friendly Waste Management Platform

Flexible and user friendly waste management platform, available on any major browser and native mobile Apps running on Android and iOS.


Any type of containers. Any location.

Easy to install and requiring zero maintenance, our ultrasonic fill-level sensor devices are compatible with any type of containers, from small to large or underground and can monitor any type of material, liquid or waste.


Ultrasonic Fill-level Sensors for Containers

Smartup Cities IoT Fill-Level Ultrasonic Sensors for efficient wireless containers monitoring and waste management optimisation.

Innovative IoT technology specially designed for measuring the fill-level in any containers, regardless of shape, size or material: Smart Waste Containers

Recycling Bins and Trash Cans Manufacturer

At Smartup Cities we have long time experience with design and manufacturing recycling bins for city streets, office buildings and public spaces.

Check out our specialised website for recycling bins and waste containers and order your ready made smart recycling bins: PoubelleDirect

The smartup cities difference

Integration & Scalability

1Flexible integration with existing working processes and smart city platforms.

2Highly scalable and easy deployment.



2Robust and weather proof enclosure with great design

3Anti-theft fixing

4Battery operated system with 10+ years lifetime

5Compatible with multi-compartments containers


1Highly configurable and flexible smart waste management platform.

2Predictive analytics using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms.

Optional Features

1RFID Authentication for Container Use.

2Automatic weighing of waste for Pay-per-Use Schemes.

3Automatic billing & payment for private & business customers.

Want to learn more about us? Email us at info@smartupcities.com