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Smart Bins, The development of waste management in the future

  Technology is continuously advancing in all sectors, and the waste management sector is no exception. Economic, environmental, societal issues, and so forth. There are many reasons to enter this new race for innovation. Waste collection is being modernized in this way, and tools are being developed to simplify and optimize waste collection and sorting […]

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World Cleanup Day

From banning plastic bags and plastic straws (aka the world’s most wasteful commodity) to educating people on how to recycle and responsibly dispose of waste, 2018 has garnered a lot of attention about how we can improve our waste management to better care for the environment and improve the quality of life of not only […]

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India Invests in IoT-Powered Waste Bins

The waste challenge in India is not unknown but IoT-powered waste bins are set to change that. According to a Cision newswire, “Indian cities alone generate more than 62 million tons of solid waste a year with an expected increase of 5% per year. It is estimated that up to 40% of municipal waste in […]

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Smart Sensors: Frequently Asked Questions

  What is a smart sensor? A smart sensor is a small device that may be placed inside any type of container. For more information, click here. How does the sensor communicate data? Our sensors wirelessly communicate container information to a remote cloud server where Artifical Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies analyze the data. […]

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UK Cities Launch Partnerships to Install Smart Sensors in Bins

Smart cities of the future are fueled by IoT applications and predictive analytics. At the helm of this technology are smart sensors. Adding a sensor to a waste bin or container creates a “smart bin,” capable of collecting data and wirelessly transmitting it to a cloud-based server where waste management authorities and city officials can […]

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