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Smart Waste Management: Not a Zero-Sum Game

Smart waste management is not a zero-sum game. Waste management is inherently linked to critical city services, such as transportation, health, and energy. If one works better, they all work better. And their 21st Century common denominator: the Internet of Things (IoT). It’s no secret IoT is meant to convey us to the future. Its […]

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Make Your City A Greener Place

This Sunday is Earth Day, a day of political activism and civic engagement, urging people around the world to promote sustainable measures in their homes and communities. Whether you live in a rural town or a big city, Earth Day is a moment to reflect on how we care for Mother Earth and what we […]

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Five Reasons to Implement Smart Waste Management Technologies Today

Smart waste management technologies pose numerous benefits for cities, businesses, and consumers. With global populations on the rise and increasing amounts of waste, the time is ripe for the digitization of waste management systems. Enter Internet of Things (IoT), smart ultrasonic sensors that monitor container fill-levels, providing waste managers with the data and insights to streamline […]

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Sydney Fish Market’s Best Catch of the Day: IoT Smart Bins

The Sydney Fish Market is home to nearly three million visitors a year. To improve customer experience and optimize waste management operations, the site has equipped its waste bins with smart sensors – a collaborative effort among key industry players like Microsoft, KPMG, and the Commonwealth Bank. Before, the site’s waste was collected via pre-determined […]

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Cleaner Streets Mean Healthier Communities: Smart Up Your Waste Management Schemes

In celebration of World Health Day this Saturday, we’re mapping out the ways smart waste management technologies are helping governments and businesses to create and maintain healthier, safer cities. Waste collection is not the most glamorous city service, but it is essential to environmental cleanliness and city-dwellers’ health. With urban populations rapidly increasing each year, […]

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