Smartup Cities is a technology company based in Paris dedicated to use IoT and great design to develop innovative solutions in the area of waste management, environment and sustainable development.

A team of great people put their hard work into building Smartup Cities as a world wide leader in sustainable and smart waste management solutions.

Every single one of us at Smartup Cities comes to work to do something we love, in an environment we all feel most inspiring. We believe in building something much greater than us all. We believe in a greener and more sustainable​ ​world to live in​. It’s really amazing.

We harness the power of technology to build innovations that completely change the way waste is being handled​ ​and impacts our lives.

Using Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine​ ​Learning (ML) technologies we build powerful fill-level sensors for containers and smart recycling bins that help cities and businesses reduce waste and increase revenues.

These efforts combined not only reduce operational costs for cities and businesses but also contribute to meeting ambitious climate and sustainability goals.

Smart waste management is one of many areas where​ ​smart​ ​cities and businesses​ ​can harness technology to modernize infrastructure, improve services, and provide citizens with practical solutions to everyday challenges.

The urban landscape is paving the way forward to collaborative, sophisticated, and smart societies. In a planet with an estimated nine billion people by 2050, and consumption and waste on the rise, a united effort in smartening our cities is the only way to ensure a more sustainable future.

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