Smart waste management technologies pose numerous benefits for cities, businesses, and consumers. With global populations on the rise and increasing amounts of waste, the time is ripe for the digitization of waste management systems. Enter Internet of Things (IoT), smart ultrasonic sensors that monitor container fill-levels, providing waste managers with the data and insights to streamline processes.

Below, five reasons to smarten up your waste management game that promise to save time, money, and resources.  

  1. Modernize infrastructure. IoT, smart ultrasonic sensor technology not only provide the tools to measure waste bin fill-levels based on hard data, but also the ability to analyze that data to create actionable insights.
  2. Optimize resource efficiency. With IoT smart sensors, create bespoke data-driven collection schedules, avoiding unnecessary pickups, optimizing both time and fuel.  
  3. Save costs. By strategically utilizing resources, you can trim operational costs by up to 50%.
  4. Reduce environmental footprint. Decrease fuel consumption, and reduce road congestion and air pollution by avoiding unnecessary pickups.  
  5. Create healthier cities. Cleaner cities lead to healthier cities. Waste discharged from streets can pose severe health and environmental hazards, from the emergence of toxic chemicals to air, water, and soil pollution and contamination (see our post about fostering healthier cities).

Bonus? Our smart sensors are easy to install, compatible with all container types, and have a battery life of ten plus years.

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