Smart Waste Containers

Cut up to 50% of Waste Collection Costs with our Smart Waste Containers System

IoT-based Smart Waste Containers equipped with ultrasonic fill-level sensors and wireless connectivity for accurate reporting and optimisation.

Our Smart Waste Management System enables cities and businesses (like retailers, airports, building managers etc) to overcome the frequent challenges with waste collection and overflow issues.

Our Smart City Platform is designed to optimize the efficiency of waste collection. It provides a comprehensive collection of historical data and analytics reports empowering cities and businesses take better, data-driven decisions.

Collect the Full Containers only

Know exactly which containers are full and which are not. Never drive and pick-up empty containers again and reduce up to 50% of your waste collection costs.

With our IoT based ultrasonic sensors you will be able to see the real situation of the waste containers in any area and plan your routes accordingly. In reality only about half of the containers really require collecting, while the other half are only half-full and might wait for the next collecting cycle.

Plan the pick-up routes intelligently

Based on the data received from the waste containers sensors, our cloud system will create smart collecting routes that you can send to the truck drivers every morning. Select the containers you wish to pick-up or let the system select them automatically for the most efficient and optimised routes.

Smart fill-level sensors for any type of containers

The smart sensors are monitoring the waste fill-level from each container and send it wirelessly to the cloud server.

Easy to install, the sensors are compatible with any type of containers and are capable of monitoring any substance or garbage type.

User-friendly web-based visualisation

The data collected from the sensor-equipped waste containers is processed and analysed by our cloud system. The data is then made available through the web-based platform.

Select the containers to be collected or let the system automatically pick the high-priority ones and generate the most efficient and optimised collecting route for the garbage trucks.

Increase efficiency and reduce costs with 50%

Reduce collecting costs with up to 50% by driving on optimised routes only. Eliminate unnecessary pick-ups completely and see the profits growing. Reduce servicing hours, trucks maintenance costs and protect the environment in the process by generating less CO2 and less road wear.

Unlike the traditional way of collecting general waste and recyclable materials, the new waste management system is drastically reducing operational costs, environmental footprint and eliminates overflow.

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