From banning plastic bags and plastic straws (aka the world’s most wasteful commodity) to educating people on how to recycle and responsibly dispose of waste, 2018 has garnered a lot of attention about how we can improve our waste management to better care for the environment and improve the quality of life of not only Mother Earth’s people but animals (think: plastic in the bellies of seabirds).

Saturday, September 15 is World Cleanup Day.  The global event raises awareness of the world’s waste problem. It brings together citizens from across the globe to clean up litter and waste from streets, beaches, lakes, rivers, and forests. Do-gooders can download the World Cleanup app to connect with one another and identify locations in need of litter collection.

The movement was launched in Estonia 10 years ago, when 4% of the population came out to clean the entire country of illegally dumped waste, in a matter of hours.

This is our end goal at SmartUp Citiesto ensure litter-free streets and spaces and to encourage recycling by harnessing the power of the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning technologies.

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